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To facilitate expansion and sustainable growth through innovative solutions and a global network of expertise. We aspire to be the vital link that connects businesses with opportunities, fostering innovation, excellence, and profitability in ever-changing market landscapes. 


  • Expert Guidance: To offer expert guidance and insights, empowering businesses to navigate complex markets successfully, fueled by a blend of seasoned expertise and innovative technologies.
  • Global Network: To leverage our global network of industry leaders and experts, providing businesses with the resources and connections needed to penetrate new markets and seize lucrative opportunities.
  • Innovative Solutions: To develop and implement innovative AI-backed solutions, addressing the unique challenges faced by businesses and facilitating efficient, data-driven decision-making.
  • Collaborative Growth: To foster a collaborative growth environment where businesses can thrive, capitalizing on synergies and shared knowledge, while adapting to evolving market dynamics.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: To prioritize the needs and goals of our clients, offering tailored strategies and solutions that align with their vision and objectives, ensuring sustainable growth and success.

Welcome to TEMAMII

Your Gateway to Business Expansion and Market Penetration

"TEMAMII: Where Business Development, Export Markets, Expert Networks meet your Solution, your Passion."

About Us

We support and guide entrepreneurs, startups, SMMEs and mid-sized companies, leveraging our extensive partner community and international business networks, steering them towards new markets and opportunities where they can showcase their specific solutions, products and services. We provide various services, including accredited training through our partners and networks.


Business Development and Advisory

At TEMAMII, we focus on core areas like Sales, Marketing, and Business Development to facilitate your business expansion seamlessly. Our extensive network across multiple industry verticals and a circle of business partners, experts in their respective fields, forms the backbone of our services, supporting a collaborative and expansive growth trajectory for your business.

Overcoming Sales Hurdles

Many companies, from startups to well established firms, stumble when it comes to sales, often delegating this crucial task to inexperienced salespersons, requiring a steep learning curve. This approach usually hampers revenue generation, setting a business up for failure. At TEMAMII, we aim to turn this around by offering seasoned experts in business development who can guide your sales and marketing operations in practical, cost-effective ways, offering both technological solutions and human expertise. You focus on your product – we focus on revenue generation.

Entering Export Markets

Navigating International Business Terrain

Venturing into international markets presents its own set of challenges - legislative pitfalls, cultural gaps, language barriers, extended time frames for revenue generation, and the need for stringent quality management systems. TEMAMII, through its international network, assists you in negotiating these hurdles, offering a viable route to export markets with support from international business chambers, export-import experts, and organizations dedicated to promoting exports, facilitating inward investment incentives, and ensuring a soft landing in the country of your choice.

Training and Development

In collaboration with accredited training institutions, TEMAMII offers targeted training modules designed for the engineering and technical sectors. Our offerings include:

  • AI Training: Hands-on programs acquainting teams with the real-world applications of artificial intelligence in business operations.
  • Export/Import Guidance: Direct training on the ins and outs of international trade, smoothing your transition into global markets.
  • Quality Management Systems (ISO): Focused training on ISO compliance and process standardization for operational efficiency.
  • Global Business Development: A hands-on approach to global business expansion, equipping you with practical tools and strategies.
  • ICT Training: Current training on maximizing the benefits of the latest digital technologies for business growth.
  • Certified Artisan Training: Discipline-specific courses that refine technical skills crucial in the sector, delivered by accredited institutions.


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